Yurbban Hotels

Yurbban was created in Barcelona with the desire to unite the concepts of urban tourism and the essence of what is true, local and authentic. A vintage-style hotel with modern touches designed so you can enjoy your stay in the heart of the city in the calmest, most comfortable setting.

Barcelona is magical, lively and colourful. It’s something you have to experience for yourself and feel first hand.

Seduce your taste buds with our culinary delights. Let our music take over your ears. Surround yourself in the smells of a refreshing, revitalising shower. Slide between the sheets of a king-size bed. And, finally, go up to our spectacular rooftop terrace and pool to delight in the best views of the Catalan capital.

We take hold of your senses to make sure your stay is unforgettable.

Live as a native

There’s something strangely natural about walking through the streets of your own city with a friend who has never been there before. Each street, each taxi, each act is new and exciting. What for us is routine becomes extraordinary through their eyes and what seems extraordinary to us, becomes marvellous.

Rediscover it through their eyes. Feel like part of something important for those who visit us.

Experience the city like a local. Feel it with the eyes of someone discovering it for the first time.

This is our mission.

Yurbban. Live Barcelona as a native.

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We are Eco

We’ve been granted Class A building certification thanks to our thermal insulation for internal comfort, a smart climate-control system and highly efficient lighting and machinery.

This allows us to get the best results out of each space while limiting consumption as much as possible.



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Donation for the new social responsibility campaign Fundació COMTAL.

1% of the total sales through our website between January and February 2018 will be donated in full. (+info)

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Live as a native

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Live as a native

We want your experience of the city as a true native to be more than just being in it. We bet on local talent, producers, and local gastronomy. 
Pieces created by and for the hotel, such as the solid wood table in the lobby made by a cabinetmaker from the Empordà region, or the photos located in the ground floor taken by the local artist Begoña Solís, are just an example of this. Our typical Catalan breakfast and our menu based on grandma's recipes made with top-quality produce will show you what we mean by authentic local gastronomy.
At the best price

All of this, accompanied with our digital concierge app and personalized map, designed especially for you with our recommendations of the most authentic spots in the city. Spots where you can lose yourself to discover what Barcelona really tastes, sounds and smells like. You will be able to take home unforgettable memories as well as some of our designer souvenirs. Pieces created in collaboration with local artists such as Maians shoes that originate from the Barceloneta neighborhood, hand-made mascots made by Softheads (such as the ones you will find in every bedroom) or a box artisanal dried fruits and nuts from Casa Gispert which are toasted very close to the hotel.

Anyways, we are not going to reveal all the secrets of the city. We would rather let you come and experience them for your own.

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